If you are just starting out as a company, expanding what you do into new areas or are holding an event and need to get the word out then this is the video for you.  If you have a new album that you want to promote, have an exhibition that you would like people to come to or are looking for sponsorship to get to the next level then why wait?  We can help you with the visual side of your marketing strategy and help you create exciting video content to engage your audience on another level.


This is a more in depth film that includes interviews, explanations and any necessary graphics to give your viewers an in depth knowledge of what it is you are marketing.  We will work closely with you throughout the process to ensure that your final video is exactly what you are looking for.

From £500


Taking either pre-existing material or shooting more this is a super short and snappy way of giving your audience a taster of what you are offering.  Including custom motion graphics and any information that you want and edited to music of your choice.


From £200


If you are putting on a conference and would like to make the experience even better then we can help you with custom animated visuals for presentations, welcome messages and advertising.  If you are running a club night or want to make your gig visual as well then we can work with you to create that too.  

From £300