If your launching you latest album, hosting a conference, headlining a festival or simply performing to a crowd your going to want a record of it right? We can capture your audio at 24bit and 48kHz and mix and master your performance to your desired format. Need an engineer to take care of all of your audio need? Look no further! 

Live Engineer

Perception media can provide you with engineers to suit any type of performance. We have experience in every Genre, in all sorts of settings. From festivals to pubs, houses to clubs, you name it, we have it covered. 

From £15 per hour

Live Recording

We can come to your venue or event and work alongside you to record all or part of your performance. We will mix and master your performance in our post production suit using Pro Tools and all the latest plugins along with a variety of out board gear and processors.


From £200

Live Packages

If you are looking for a complete deal then we can provide the engineer AND record your performance AND video it!  Packages are tailored to your individual needs and completed to a standard that will make your audience come back for more. 

From £500